If you’re looking to outsource tasks that are slowing you and your team down but you’re adamant about not compromising on quality, Jamie is your solution. Jamie does what’s necessary to get the job done right and done well the first time. She has an extensive tool belt of skills, but if you throw her something new, she not only learns quickly, but does it with minimal supervision and instruction. It’s not easy to find a VA whom you can trust completely to handle your tasks at your standards who is also a delight to work with, and that’s why I recommend Jamie wholeheartedly.
— Anna Wickham, Founder of AnnaWickham.com, Content Roll, & Influence School
Jamie has been incredible at taking on every task I have asked of her. From attending my seminars to help make sure they run smoothly, to completing the formatting on books for my clients. She has helped within my social media group, taking on a brand new task for herself of doing an instructional Facebook Live. This brought tremendous value to my group and was much appreciated. Jamie is quick at completing tasks given to her as well - often within 24-48 hours, unless it is a larger project. She has no problem giving expectant timelines - and then over-delivers. I highly recommend Jamie for your VA needs.
— Shannon Whittington, Founder of Creative Literary Consultants
Stop thinking about hiring a virtual assistant and just do it. You know you need to. (You needed to a month ago.) Jamie is the perfect VA — for veteran VA-users or newbies alike. She’s polite, punctual, a go-getter, and she’ll figure out whatever she needs to to help you get the results you want. Don’t waste any more time. Hire her now.
— Kate Schutt, kateschutt.com & incandescentcoaching.com
Since Jamie took over my inbox, my email anxiety is gone. I used to spend a lot of time on basic triage, now I can focus on the important emails, which gives me freedom to spend more time on the real work and less on the maintenance stuff.
— Swizec Teller, A Geek With A Hat
I have worked directly with Jamie for several months now in a virtual assistant capacity. Jamie has measured up to every task and responsibility requested of her without fail since starting. My biggest fear with hiring a virtual assistant was having to potentially ‘baby-sit’ the assistant. That was not the case with Jamie. She is highly independent, a self-starter, and accomplishes all tasks with minimal to no supervision. If you are looking for a virtual assistant who will get the job done without having to micromanage, then selecting Jamie Beasley as your virtual assistant is exactly what you need to do.
— David Duford, Founder of Final Expense Agent Mentor
david duford.png
Jamie is an excellent administrative assistant. I don’t know where I would be without her. She’s professional, communicates clearly and effectively and is also very responsible and accountable. Jamie’s positive attitude and willingness to roll up her sleeves with our administrative and operational tasks has added tremendous value to PeopleJoy. I highly recommend her services.
— Emeka Oguh, Founder of PeopleJoy, Inc.