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Hi there!  I'm so glad you stopped by.  My name is Jamie Beasley, and I am your secret weapon!  My job is to handle the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day tasks so you can do what you were meant to do..crush it in the business world!  In order to do that, you have to be able to focus on your clients and taking care of those revenue-generating tasks that only you can handle.  I love working with small business owners, coaches, consultants, and anyone else who has had the courage to strike out on their own!  I know firsthand how terrifying it can be, and that's why I want to help you grow your business by taking care of the administrative stuff so you can concentrate on those things only you can do.


I was an administrative assistant in various fields for more years than I care to share before I decided to make the jump to remote work.  Why make such a drastic change?  Like most online entrepreneurs, it was partly to be my own boss, make my own hours, be in charge of my own destiny..all that good stuff.  But mostly it was so I could be home for my two crazy kids; take them to school, pick them up, cook dinner at a reasonable hour..all that other good stuff.  

I have loved my journey as an entrepreneur!  I've experienced tremendous personal growth and stuffed more knowledge into my brain about software, apps, and technology than I ever thought possible.  I can't wait to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey and see what exciting things the future holds for you!    Welcome to VA Elite, LLC!





Inbox Zero?  More like inbox overload!  Do you ever look at all the emails waiting for your attention and just cringe?  Do you get so overwhelmed that you just ignore them?  I hear ya.  Emails..an integral part of business in today's world and the bane of many small business owners' existence.  You know you're missing important information by not handling your emails, so let me handle them for you!  I'll respond to those that don't require you're input, and we can decide together how you want to handle the ones that really need your touch.



Do you know the difference between they're, their, and there?  Or your and you're?  Do know when to use affect instead of effect or the difference between a gerund and a participle?  Okay, I don't know that last one either, but I'm an expert in the rest!  Be it blogs, newsletters, correspondence, emails, marketing materials, e-books, or any other written document you can create, I can proofread it, edit it, and format it so you have a high-quality, ERROR-FREE document that makes you look good.  




Maybe you're in need of a little bit of everything, or maybe you're not really sure what kind of help you're in need of. This may be the package for you. It can include a combination of other packages or typical administrative assistant tasks such as calendar management, travel planning, appointment setting, and customer service, just to name a few.

accountability partner

The great thing about being your own boss is you don't have anyone to answer to.  The problem with being your own boss is you don't have anyone to answer to.  Sometimes you just need someone to keep you on point, remind you what you're trying to accomplish, and perhaps offer suggestions for other options you haven't thought of.  This is a service I particularly enjoy offering!  It's so easy to get sidetracked and then you don't meet your goal.  With weekly phone calls, I can help you keep your eyes on the prize.


internet research

The latest statistics show there are approximately 100 bajillion websites on the internet today.  Okay, I made that up, but seriously, there are sooo many places to look for information.  How do you know what's reliable?  What if the answer isn't on the first page of Google (it happens)?  You're super busy and don't have time to sift through all that info.  Leave it to me to find the best 5-star restaurant in the city you'll be visiting next week or best practices for turning a lead into a sale or anything else you need to know.


project management

Making sure everything gets done on time and on budget is absolutely vital to your business!  This can be difficult enough if it's just you, but if you have employees, it can be time consuming and frustrating making sure that each team member is on task with their projects.  That's where I come in.  I can keep track of who is doing what and when it's due and how they're coming along.  This frees you up to do the tasks only you can do and increase your revenue along the way.





If you’re looking to outsource tasks that are slowing you and your team down but you’re adamant about not compromising on quality, Jamie is your solution. Jamie does what’s necessary to get the job done right and done well the first time. She has an extensive tool belt of skills, but if you throw her something new, she not only learns quickly, but does it with minimal supervision and instruction. It’s not easy to find a VA whom you can trust completely to handle your tasks at your standards who is also a delight to work with, and that’s why I recommend Jamie wholeheartedly.
— Anna Wickham, Founder of AnnaWickham.com, Content Roll, & Influence School
Jamie has been incredible at taking on every task I have asked of her. From attending my seminars to help make sure they run smoothly, to completing the formatting on books for my clients. She has helped within my social media group, taking on a brand new task for herself of doing an instructional Facebook Live. This brought tremendous value to my group and was much appreciated. Jamie is quick at completing tasks given to her as well - often within 24-48 hours, unless it is a larger project. She has no problem giving expectant timelines - and then over-delivers. I highly recommend Jamie for your VA needs.
— Shannon Whittington, Founder of Creative Literary Consultants
Stop thinking about hiring a virtual assistant and just do it. You know you need to. (You needed to a month ago.) Jamie is the perfect VA — for veteran VA-users or newbies alike. She’s polite, punctual, a go-getter, and she’ll figure out whatever she needs to to help you get the results you want. Don’t waste any more time. Hire her now.
— Kate Schutt, kateschutt.com & incandescentcoaching.com
Since Jamie took over my inbox, my email anxiety is gone. I used to spend a lot of time on basic triage, now I can focus on the important emails, which gives me freedom to spend more time on the real work and less on the maintenance stuff.
— Swizec Teller, A Geek With A Hat
I have worked directly with Jamie for several months now in a virtual assistant capacity. Jamie has measured up to every task and responsibility requested of her without fail since starting. My biggest fear with hiring a virtual assistant was having to potentially ‘baby-sit’ the assistant. That was not the case with Jamie. She is highly independent, a self-starter, and accomplishes all tasks with minimal to no supervision. If you are looking for a virtual assistant who will get the job done without having to micromanage, then selecting Jamie Beasley as your virtual assistant is exactly what you need to do.
— David Duford, Founder of Final Expense Agent Mentor
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Jamie is an excellent administrative assistant. I don’t know where I would be without her. She’s professional, communicates clearly and effectively and is also very responsible and accountable. Jamie’s positive attitude and willingness to roll up her sleeves with our administrative and operational tasks has added tremendous value to PeopleJoy. I highly recommend her services.
— Emeka Oguh, Founder of PeopleJoy, Inc.

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If you are interested in any of the above packages or perhaps don't see the type of package you need, please contact me, and we can discuss your needs and how I can help.



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Give Yourself A


As a small business owner, worrying about your bottom line is a way of life. Most small business owners have two primary goals: 1) providing high-quality products or services to your customers, and 2) making enough money to provide a good living for yourself and your family. What if I told you that you could give yourself a raise by spending money?


What? That doesn’t even make sense!


Hear me out.


Every business has a daunting number of administrative tasks that are important but take up an extraordinary amount of your time. Emails, bookkeeping, social media, project management - the list goes on and on. You need to be running your business, but sometimes it feels like your business is running you. Outsourcing those tasks to a virtual assistant frees up your time, and for a small business owner, time is money.


If your time is worth $50 an hour but you spend two hours a day handling administrative tasks, you’re losing $100 a day. If you hire a VA to handle those tasks at, say, $35 an hour, you’re spending $70 a day. BUT at the same time you’re earning an extra $100 a day by freeing up that time to work on your clients’ projects. That’s a net gain of $30 a day.


Of course, the fact that a virtual assistant is probably faster and more efficient at these tasks than you are means what might take you two hours a day may only take them one hour. If that’s the case, you’re actually only spending $35 a day, resulting in a net gain of $65 a day. In other words, you’ve given yourself a substantial raise.


That’s just taking into consideration your actual time spent working. There are other ways in which hiring a VA can save you money. Let’s look at just a few.


Employee-Related Expenses


According to Glassdoor.com, as of 2017, the national average salary for a full-time executive assistant is $57,576. An administrative assistant, with less experience and skills, makes on average $38,171. An employee could cost you between $3,000 and $4,700 a month in salary alone. But employees cost more than their salaries. You have to pay taxes, insurance, benefits, and the overhead for their working space and equipment, as well as time spent in hiring, training and supervising.


Depending on how much help you need, you can hire a virtual assistant to handle your administrative tasks for far less. The tradeoff, of course, is you won’t have someone available to you 40 hours a week, but in reality, how many hours a day do employees actually spend on productive tasks? Probably less than you realize, but you’re still paying for all 40 hours. With a virtual assistant, you don’t pay for unproductive time.


Increased Efficiency


Due to the nature of their occupation, virtual assistants must keep up with technology. This gives them an edge when it comes to tools and software that can streamline your operation and make it more efficient. A good VA will be able to recommend and implement systems and tools that will keep you organized and allow your business to run more smoothly.


For example, they may use Trello, Basecamp, or any number of other project management tools to keep you and your customers up to date with what’s going on in a project and what needs to be done. This eliminates time-wasting back-and-forth emails or phone calls for updates and questions regarding the status of a project. All anyone has to do is log in and see it for themselves. If they have a question or request, they can post it in the program, and your VA can follow up.


Another example is in the social media arena. There are multiple tools for creating social media images and scheduling posts. Do you know what they are? Do you know how to use them? Do you have the time? Chances are the answer to these questions is no. But a good VA has the knowledge and experience to use these tools so your business can have a solid social media presence without you having to worry about it.


More Time With Your Customers


It all comes down to how well you serve your customers. As a small business owner, you’re the face of the company. Your customers expect to hear from you, and they want to close deals with you. You’re the one they’ve come to know and trust. If you’re spending 2 or 3 hours a day on administrative tasks, that’s 2 or 3 hours a day you’re not growing your business.


For many small business owners, emails and scheduling appointments are the bane of their existence. How many opportunities are you missing out on because you’re not getting the emails or you’re forgetting to schedule that follow-up phone call? Hiring a virtual assistant to handle your emails and schedule appointments allows you to spend more time interacting with clients and ensures that the necessary follow-through takes place.


A VA can also act as your gatekeeper so you’re not spending a good chunk of your day fielding phone calls and emails. Many times these phone calls and emails are regarding routine matters that don’t really require your specialized knowledge. What are your prices? What does that include? How can I make an appointment or set up a meeting? A VA can handle the routine inquiries so you can focus on the work that only you can do.


Isn’t it time you gave yourself a raise by hiring a virtual assistant? As the old adage goes, you have to spend money to make money. An investment in a virtual assistant gives you the time you need to focus on growing your business. With a good VA by your side, oh, the money you can make! Start running your business, instead of letting your business run you.